Hotel Palazzo Gamboni

Palazzzo Gamboni was built in the second half of the 1700. The architecture and furniture, maintained to this day, are reminiscent of French stately homes.

In 1996, Palazzo Gamboni was purchased by the Patriziato of Comologno who, after the restoration and addition of a new wing, allowed it to become part of the Swiss Historic Hotels association. The hotel has  5 bedrooms : 2 historic bedrooms with original furniture and 3 standard bedrooms in the new part of the building.

Guests can enjoy the original kitchen and the living room during the breakfast. On the ground floor of the building, guests can view tables and work tools of Comologno artisans. Guests can take advantage of two additional rooms where they can enjoy a few carefree moments in front of a crackling fireplace  and immerse yourself in reading your favorite book or plan your next excursion.

In the attic it is possible to unwind in the relaxation area, taking advantage of a splendid view of the stone roofs and the surrounding gorgeous mountains. A sauna is also available for ours guests.

Our services

Osteria Palazign

The tavern is divided into two floors, the upper floor is dedicated to the restaurant where you can taste the delicacies prepared combined with a good “boccalino”; while on the lower floor, a renovated bar will invite you to meet and taste craft beers in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Our small wellness area, including the sauna and jacuzzi, will help you to rejuvenate  after the fatigue of the day or will be a good alternative in case of rainy day.

Onsernone Valley to discover

This small and impervious valley is considered the wildest in the entire region. Despite this, it offers many secrets corners to discover. The entire valley has been a source of inspiration for many Swiss and international artists, including the writer Max Frisch.


Palazzo Gamboni is a beautiful mansion located in the old part of the village, not far from four other important palaces built in the 18th century, among which the splendid Castello della Barca stands out. The palace was built around 1730 by a certain Remigio Gambonino, a native of Spruga, a hamlet of Comologno, who was a merchant in France, where he had emigrated like many other people from Onsernone and where he had the project for the house where he intended to return to end his life. Remigio Gambonino was related to members of the Remonda family who had also become rich in France and who had built the other important palaces in Comologno, palaces whose imposing forms, especially in the 18th century, created a clear contrast with the modest local rural buildings