Palazzo Gamboni: a history since 1755

Palazzo Gamboni is a beautiful mansion located in the old part of the village, not far from four other important palaces built in the 18th century, among which the splendid Castle from La Barca stands out. The palace was built around 1730 by a certain Remigio Gambonino, originally from Spruga, a hamlet of Comologno, owner of businesses in France, where he had emigrated like many other Onsernonesi and where he had had the project of the house set up where he intended to return to conclude his existence. Remigio Gambonino was related to the members of the Remonda family who had also become rich in France and who had built the other important palaces of Comologno, palaces that, especially in the 18th century, with their imposing shapes created an evident contrast with the modest local rural buildings. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the owner of that time, Pietro Giacomo Gamboni, who like many of his fellow countrymen had emigrated to Geneva, prepared interesting projects for the transformation of the palace, which however he was not able to carry out: among these, the construction of a tower similar to the one of the Castle from La Barca. The importance of the Palace today lies not only in its history, which is similar to that of many other Ticino bourgeois residences, but also and above all in the fact that a conspicuous part of the original furniture, furnishings and fittings, integrated with other nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century items, is preserved.

Some inhabitants of Comologno, on behalf of the municipality in 2001, have carefully restored the patrician house transforming the old wing of Palazzo Gamboni in a hotel that gives the idea of a museum with the possibility of accommodation.

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1st April 2021